FIX Don't fail if post doesn't have a description
FIX Key to num links may not be anumber
Add content_type.  Does not quite work in that the output is not properly formatted
Fix HTML stripper accumulating data by remaking it on each usage
Fix date parsing of each item
Use the name of in the config file as the name of the feed.

Fix bug where if feed fails to load the last update time is lost.
ADD Some debugging
FIX Use the maximum time for a feed when storing DB
ADD Feedname to log line
REFACTOR Simplify a little bit of code
FIX Set feedup to max feedtime
FIX Unicode madness

In Python3.6 you need to encode to utf-8 and write as bytes  3.7 appears to have just worked?
ADD Log new posts for debugging
REFACTOR Write database out after all posts have been successfully written out
ADD Update template to use list id instead of from.

This is because mu4e doesn't really like from's with no email with
spaces in them.
d5478e0552fd — Robin Schroer master 4 years ago
Bump the version to 0.3.7
23b945fb538e — Robin Schroer 4 years ago
Fix the HTML stripper
f86b4f68b729 — Robin Schroer 7 years ago
Merge branch 'master' of
f578f07c3ef4 — Robin Schroer 8 years ago
add some fancy flag thingies to the readme