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#Choosier (Browser)

This is a simple tool that's meant to be used as your default browser, and can be configured to open the URL in different browsers based on the domain.

The initial prototype just passes through the URL to the current default browser; routing and registering this as a browser will be added later.


A Fedora RPM is in the works. Meanwhile, to install:

sudo make install-all will install choosier to /usr/local/bin and the desktop file to /usr/local/share/applications.

Override the prefix using PREFIX, e.g. change it to /usr:

sudo make install-all PREFIX=/usr

Verify that choosier is available as a MIME handler:

gio mime text/html
gio mime application/xhtml+xml

Then copy examples/choosier.toml to $HOME/.config/choosier/choosier.toml (to use it for your own user) or to /etc/choosier/choosier.toml (will apply to all users unless that user has a local override), and change your default browser to Choosier (e.g. in GNOME, Settings -> Default Applications -> Web).


choosier is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0.

See LICENSE.txt for details.


Tasks and issues are tracked here.