e80de7161239 — Malcolm Scott default tip 2 months ago
Prefix messages with list name
bb6140e51043 — Malcolm Scott 3 months ago
Major refactor by Daniel Carter to talk to the new lists.cam.ac.uk Sympa service (Mailman has gone).  Thanks, Daniel!
6fc5804c369b — Malcolm Scott 3 years ago
Seemingly lists.cam.ac.uk no longer wants &#...; entity refs, and instead just wants real UTF-8
869fcdacbcd2 — Malcolm Scott 4 years ago
Switch from lxml to html.parser for CSRF token extraction, as bs4's lxml support on Ubuntu 16.04 throws a DeprecationWarning
fce5e6e64508 — Malcolm Scott 4 years ago
Mailman 2.1.15 added a CSRF token on admin forms so include that in the request if needed. (Added bs4 dependency.)
ae987d3d3a17 — Malcolm Scott 5 years ago
Fix output formatting when we have two headings from Mailman
3ca1419cc000 — Malcolm Scott 5 years ago
Default to Python3.  Handle non-ASCII characters in names a bit better under Python3 (and work around some Mailman brokenness).  Also slightly improve error handling and output formatting resilience in the presence of unusual HTML, e.g. from character entities.
b35f99e3570e — Malcolm Scott 7 years ago
Improve help text wording
3d57776e65c0 — Malcolm Scott 7 years ago
Initial commit, based on srcf-process-mlsubqueue but substantially genericised