Solaris doesn't have rm -v (spotted by Larry Rosenbaum)
cp -a is not in FreeBSD... trying cp -p
Solaris sucks at timestamps; BSD sucks at touch
Preserve timestamp when installing database (thanks to Loïc Le Loarer and Bruno De Fraine)
Explain why data_dir can't be the same as cache_dir
Provide a way to exclude logical signatures (*.ldb) for users of old versions of ClamAV
Explicitly specify a temporary directory for clamscan, in case (as is the case in Mandriva, apparently) the default ClamAV temporary directory is not writeable.
Solaris 10 apparently lacks cp -v
Be even more precise regarding permissions
Rework GnuPG stuff, due to buggy (or fussy) behaviour of old versions
Fix misplaced wildcard in previous patch
Avoid use of rsync --chmod as it's not in older versions (thanks to Rick Macdougall)
Deal with zero-length databases
Set a saner umask
Make sure downloaded signatures are readable
Unimportant typo
Allow null pidfile; tweak comments
Catch errors initialising the GPG keyring
Give the dir a better name
Initial version of fetch-sanesecurity-sigs