Return to bash; there seems to be a great deal of variation in what /bin/sh supports
Revert [366] as it doesn't work when an hour would wrap
Portable, perl-less way of enforcing minimum update interval (blame^W thanks to Tony Finch :-) )
Fix a regression caused by overuse of search-and-replace...
Rearrange order of checks; let gpg test for presence of signature for us
Avoid repetition of live database name (thanks to Tony Finch once again)
* Avoid muddling output of wget and gpg when importing key (thanks to Tony Finch)
 * Allow additional options to gpg
 * Lose --no-options option to gpg as it's redundant
Remove dependency on bash -- hopefully no more bashisms left
Lose a bashism
Allow custom GnuPG homedir location (thanks to Tony Finch)
Better way to install databases atomically, using rsync (no symlink attack)
Reload in a more official manner; probably won't help stability but maybe it will...
Install databases atomically (thanks to Henrik K)
Suggest a connection timeout
Include *.ftm
Solaris doesn't have rm -v (spotted by Larry Rosenbaum)
cp -a is not in FreeBSD... trying cp -p
Solaris sucks at timestamps; BSD sucks at touch
Preserve timestamp when installing database (thanks to Loïc Le Loarer and Bruno De Fraine)
Explain why data_dir can't be the same as cache_dir