Entropy distribution server and client


My dotfiles


Customisations to debirf - Debian in initramfs


Tweaks to XenServer and XCP-ng dom0 configuration


Command-line and Python interface to lists.cam.ac.uk


Fork of unmaintained hgsubversion (original source: http://hg.durin42.com/hgsubversion)


Script to get a Lets Encrypt certificate for a HP iLO BMC


Packages to improve Ubuntu on a modern IPv6-connected server


Script to fetch/update Sanesecurity signatures for ClamAV


Realtime web server log analyser in the style of 'top'


dehydrated configuration


Xen Orchestra authentication plugin for raven.cam.ac.uk


Console-based management of XenServer (PV) VMs


"New" firewall - captive portal redirector


"New" firewall