Fix key lookup when a repo is found, but the file under edit isn't a part of it.
Split vim projects into separate repos.
Update for rspec 2.12.
595320486f69 — Mahlon E. Smith 8 years ago
Update copyright, small comment style fix.
fixed typo in help bookmark for Author
try not to mess with buffers that are regular files (eg: netrw)
Don't forget to super() so the failures are emitted after the spec run.
Mimic the Progress formatter for console status feedback.
Updates for rspec 2.8.
Emit file and line for failure source (use gF to jump straight to it!).
Show context lines for exception source.  Put spec summary run at the
top of the screen.  Small documentation fixes.
add files the Makefile
Specky: support rspec 2.x by default.
Initial commit of Bird (routing daemon) syntax.
Add some syntax keywords for rspec 1.3.0.
Fix the documentation TOC for the hgrevNoRepoChar option.
Initial commit of the HGRev Vim plugin.
Whoops, merge of 13:a9f1ce3766d1.
Add "SpecialKey" for invisibles.
raise_error -> raise_exception
Alter the build Makefiles to implement a suggestion from Antoine Mechelynck.