Remove accidently expanded Id tag.
Be explicit with sticky removal, so two simultaneous processes don't create a race where sticky is left enabled.
Don't mutate the caller's argument.
Oop, the 'mailinglist' file was leftover from older ezmlm.  Not created by ezmlm-make anymore.
f8873b391f3d — Mahlon E. Smith 3 years ago
Add a "last activity" method to quickly determine when a list was last used.  Bump version.
eedb2586dea4 — Mahlon E. Smith 3 years ago
Tag C functions as static to avoid name collisions.

(Thanks Michael.)
d1b9dd767e3a — Mahlon E. Smith 3 years ago
Bump patch version for push.
1ebc33d48c85 — Mahlon E. Smith 3 years ago
aaaaaand fix the homepage link.  Case matters.
9d59d30685cb — Mahlon E. Smith 3 years ago
Fixes for documentation and test directories that didn't make it into the repo.
c09ca4007e6c — Mahlon E. Smith 3 years ago
Added tag v1.0.0 for changeset 9aaac749fd9f
9aaac749fd9f — Mahlon E. Smith v1.0.0 3 years ago
Bump version.
23c7f5c8ee39 — Mahlon E. Smith 3 years ago
Multiple changes.

 - Remove the runtime dependency on rake-compiler.
 - Use #rb_str_new instead of #rb_str_new2, the hash character array
   isn't null terminated.
 - Add various safeguards for object instantiations.
 - Remove the 'threaded' options for messages, folding them into
   'archived'.  If archiving is enabled, so is threading.
 - Return nil for lookups from the list object instead of raising
 - Open subject indexes with the proper encodings (thanks Michael
 - Allow touching and unlinking files to operate on multiple paths
   at once, within a single safety() wrap.
e135ccae6783 — Mahlon E. Smith 3 years ago
Migrate hashing functions to C.
a38e6916504c — Mahlon E. Smith 3 years ago
Everything is workin!

 - Add a corpus of test messages to the spec data, with
   the script that generated them.
 - Add native objects for Authors, Messages, and Threads.
 - Tests!
cba9fb39bcdb — Mahlon E. Smith 3 years ago
Checkpoint commit.

 - Add the majority of the list behavioral knobs.
 - Add some quick helpers that can make list changes
   safely (write, unlink, touch)
 - Fix tests.
Multiple changes.

 - Start converting from from the old 'config' file format where
 - Port the ezmlm address hashing algorithm for fast email lookups
 - Add subscription and unsubscription for primary and behavioral dirs
 - Add a safety check for writes to the list directory
First round of modernizing after a long absence.

Much work to be done.
7fc2d1713795 — Michael Granger 11 years ago
Updated to new build system.
389e66b0d38e — Michael Granger 11 years ago
Removing docs external