Added tag v0.4.0 for changeset f31d60b04f8a
Multiple changes to help support Windows native ssh with sshscript workers.
Defaults are to assume a non-hostile posix environment.

 - Don't hardcode the tempdir separator character.
 - Allow overrides in the payload of any exposed net-ssh options.
 - Allow setting of the "delete" command for script cleanup (ie, 'del')
 - Allow running the script via a specific interpreter.

An example payload to make this work with Windows native ssh/powershell
to execute a ruby script:

	payload = {
		'compression' => false,
		'delete_cmd'  => 'del',
		'run_binary'  => 'ruby',
		'tempdir'     => ''
Added tag v0.3.0 for changeset 5db18679edcf
Multiple changes.

 - Migrate to gem.deps.rb from .gems
 - Bump dependency versions
 - Clear environment before connecting to remote server
 - Allow option for environment modifications
 - Place commands in args, rather than via the IO pipe. (won't spawn remote shell)
rdoc -> markdown for the README.
61c5ec82378f — Mahlon E. Smith 2 years ago
Added tag v0.2.0 for changeset ffa70066522c
Update for Ruby 2.5.  Moderize configurability usage, update dependencies.
7013280e62fa — Mahlon E. Smith 7 years ago
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Added tag v0.1.1 for changeset 01c2ba6b0a44
01c2ba6b0a44 — Mahlon E. Smith v0.1.1 7 years ago
Bump version.
Be safer before TERMing pids, actually use the override options passed
from the payload, if any.
Be more forceful with ssh children that could be hanging for various reasons.
Zombie killer.  Make sure we reap our children, even if they are
Small cleanups, add tests.
Use full class paths with configurability, so additional subclassing
(via pluggability, or manual) works as expected.
Aaaaand fix the link to the project page.
Add gem description.