This is an experimental re-write of overham-server in Java
Missing log4j-core / log4j-api 2.8.1 dependency
Added .settings/org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.prefs
Settings fixes to get project to build on Gradle
make t function and pass Dave Hall into it
Fix test complilation errors
Initial callsigns taken from legacy code
Merge from master develop branch
Merged default down into develop
Merged 2.2.0 into default
Added tag overhamj-2.2.0 for changeset da66b922fa80
Fix version in build.gradle
Fix build under Debian/9.4
Bump debian/changelog to 2.2.0
Merged branch stable at revision af35c6774967 into rel/2
Merged branch develop at revision 037118a04d73 into stable
Added Access-Control-Allow-Origin header
Branch to deal with a bug where a header which Javascript reads has not been set
Merged in f/201712-module-recordings-freqtype (pull request #21)
Close branch f/201712-module-recordings-freqtype
Implement experimental hzFreq feature
Allow freqType parameter in order to facility to new web form
Merge fixes from rel/2
New feature to stop relying on the Legacy (Perl) callsign module
Branch to allow dumping to an HTML format for near-Human browsing of the archive
Merge from master develop branch
Typo (in comment only): NO_SUCH_COMMANND -> NO_SUCH_COMMAND
Fix module loader regex to allow ISO3166 module
Initial very quick hack up of what the module should do
Midlothian had 'council area' string - sack that off
Added all other countries
Make insert statements
Reverse order of CC and name
Quick and dirty script to grok country codes
Not we'll move on to ISO-3166 alpha 2
Import all GB areas
Start writing procesor for the authority areas
Merged stable into develop
Merged default into stable
Merged rel/2 into default
Merged tag overhamj-2.1.0 into default


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