Bath, UK


Senior Software Engineer and author of OverChat, OverHam, libhoratio and the RTTB file collection format and library. C/C++, Perl, Java developer and obsessive. Keen Amateur radio enthusiast.


Script to rename all filenames to MD5 names


Scripts for backing up the NAS


Install distributed.net on Debian


Experimental remote UUID fetch in Go


Playing with Golang


Some scripts for termux systems


Formerly of the parish http://bitbucket.org/sjl/hg-prompt/


Callsign analysis for amateur radio projects


Provide unique UUIDs to people via the power of AWS Lambda


MY first attempt to make a Perl AWS Lambda


Patches for Vixie Cron


Base class for runnable unit tests using Moose introspection and a user-defined pattern for subtest routines.


Horatio's Memory Manager This is a memory manager for C programmers, documentation is provided at the following URL: http://daybologic.bitbucket.org/libhoratio libhoratio was formerly known as DPCRTLMM. libhoratio is provided under a BSD-style license.


Description: This is the scripts package which future Daybo Logic software will will rely on at compile time and possibly at run-time as well. Therefore if you distribute Daybo Logic software, it would be wise to distribute and install DLScripts and DLStds as well. You should install both of these packages before attempting to build any modern Daybo Logic software.


It is recommended that projects clone this into the tree at build time, or post-clone. These are style re-formatting tools and essential utilities used by 2E0EOL and co-conspirators.

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