cm: Fix typo in ``.
cm: Separate install dependencies from virtual environment requirements.
cm: Update setuptools files.
Update requirements for `setuptools`.
Simplify `` by using `setuptools_scm`.
Fuck you `setuptools` and your arcane data includes.
Fix dependency on broken version of `py-bcrypt`.
Fixed `setuptools` package:
- Correct requirements.
- Correct script/entry-point.
Fixed a bug in the setup script.
Package Bootstrap fonts with the rest.
No need to package `pagedown` code separately.
Added automatic versioning.
Added entry-point info for console scripts.
Some fixes to the Pypi packaging.
Fixed missing files from the Pypi package and the production build.
Setup Wikked Pypi package:
- Moved all assets into `wikked/assets` for proper packaging.
- Added `setuptools` stuff.