cm: Upgrade dependencies and fix deprecated APIs.
cm: Update Markdown version.
cm: Update requirements.
Woops, fix typo in `requirements` file.
Fix `requirements` file, add `dev-requirements`.
Convert project to Python 3.4.
Remove requirement on `bcrypt`. It's optional and hard to install on Windows.
Fix dependency on broken version of `py-bcrypt`.
Fixed `setuptools` package:
- Correct requirements.
- Correct script/entry-point.
Cleaned requirements.
Refactoring for better SQL abstraction and performance (hopefully):
- Page instances don't keep the SQL object. This make it simpler to share those
  instances between threads.
- Added a scheduler for running multiple page resolve operations. Sadly,
  multi-threading doesn't seem to help here.
- Updated SQLAlchemy to 0.9.3.
Make logging start right away in `witch`.
Added coloring to console output.
Updated requirements.
Fallback to SHA512 if Bcrypt is not available.
Updated requirements.
Updated `pip` requirements.
Added textile support.
Updated requirements.
Updated `requirements.txt`.
Added support for history and diffing.
Added Pagedown editor/live-preview.
Added simple graphic style.