cm: Upgrade dependencies and fix deprecated APIs.
tests: Fix URL encoding used in tests.
cm: Fix PATH for running pytest.
cm: Another fix for build manifests.
cm: Add pip packages to build manifests.
cm: Add sourcehut build manifests.
cm: Fix typo in ``.
init: Give a user-friendly warning if Mercurial isn't installed.
init: Make the `--git` option actually work.
Added tag 0.8.1 for changeset eacacee352f7
core: Don't URL-encode endpoint separators (`:`).

This makes endpoint URLs nicer looking.
cm: Use `twine` to deploy Wikked to Pypi.
Added tag 0.8.0 for changeset 5955eb74b1c2
cm: We now use Gulp to generate web assets.
web: Reduce top space reserved for menu shortcut when the screen is large.
web: UX improvements for the sidebar menu.

- Open/close the menu on click instead of mouse hover, so it's more friendly
  to mobile/touch devices.
- Rework how the menu lock works.
docs: Remove documentation, it's now on a wiki at ``.
cm: Update node packages.