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This is a basic "play room" for trying out different stuff.

The underlying idea is not to build YATDA (Yet Another ToDo App). Instead, I want to try something that might be of (eventual) use -- an app that allows you to remember which dishes at that Indian restaurant you actually did like and which ones were...well, not your style.

What I want to do is build a backend service with a "standard" REST API. You can add a restaurant, track your visits, and see which dishes you had on each visit, and how they were. (Oh, and if you're that kinda person, you might also want to remember who you were there with and why.)

Then, a "modern" web app and Android app will follow to interface. (No iOS? I don't have a device and this seems like enough stuff to toy around with already...)

#What Am I / Have I Considered?

See my wiki for more detailed investigation notes...