A hackable, pervasive time management system
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A focus-management system. An exoskeleton for your willpower. A pomodoro-style timer that works with your existing tools.

At its core, Fireverk is a pomodoro timer. Tell it the task you want to work on, it starts a 25-minute timer. When the timer is up, a dialog asks you to log work. You can extend the timer for 10 minutes, end (and log) the task and take a 5-minute break, or go straight to the next task. However, it is built with 3 principles in mind:

  • Work with existing tools: When it asks you what to work on next, the possibilities it presents to you should be pulled from whatever you currently use to manage tasks. It should log work to that same source. You have to write some glue code for your specific task app.

  • Keyboard-driven: You should be able to quickly interact with Fireverk anytime via a keyboard shortcut. Currently, it uses an Alfred workflow.

  • Pervasive: The system should be a little annoying about keeping you on-task. Its popups hover above all other windows until they are dealt with. Eventually it will notice when you havne't started a task in awhile, and nudge you.


First, install Alfred and add the workflow (TODO)


brew install cask hammerspoon npm install --global do-not-disturb-cli



Use alfred to start: fv start <task title>

Timer starts. DND goes on.


Conditions to auto-pause?


DND goes off. Dialog appears, asks for focus level on 1-5 scale Can it be a menu? Can we extend a timeslice? Can we interact with JIRA?