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 decided to write a simple reference of my own, since it would be useful
 and maybe not too large a project for one person to take on.
-I got about three instructions in before falling into the Programmer
-Trap of going "I should write at tool to simplify this". But I don't
-*really* want to spend two days on a tool right now when I should be
-doing other things. So in lieu of that, I'm just writing the data file
-that the tool would accept, a list of structured instruction definitions
-(in TOML, at the moment).  This is still reasonably useful to search
-through as a reference, and someday later I can write a tool that will
-take it and output nicely formatted markdown or TeX or whatever.  This
-also means I really don't have to worry about formatting or ordering or
+I hate formatting stuff, so all the instruction definitions are in a
+structured data file (TOML, at the moment) and there is a small Rust
+program that reads it and outputs whatever text format you want, as long
+as you want Markdown.  It is very crude and not at all pretty, but for
+now it works.  The easy way to get HTML or PDF out of it is to feed the
+markdown into Pandoc.
 **Contributions are very welcome.**  This is a big project for one
 person, but also a project that is very easy to incrementally chip in a

@@ 80,7 76,7 @@ Extensions to do later:
  * Probably others
 A glance at the 20200427 draft doesn't show too many differences, mainly
-half-precision floats and floats-in-integer-registers extensions. I'm
+the half-precision floats and floats-in-integer-registers extensions. I'm
 really waiting for a version to get released with up to date V