Added fastrand assessment.  Thanks, random inquiry!
people keep making RNG's!  XD
Derive Eq

Resolves issue #6
Add `nanorand` comparison.
Make `Rand64::new_inc()` public, as it should be

Resolves issue #5.
Minor clarifications and updates in readme.
Harden user account for CI
Prematurely optimizing CI.
grumble mutter deps
Add code coverage to CI.

Also add more cases to unit tests.  Coverage is 98%,
the remaining 2% is either things that are Quite Unlikely
and so difficult to test, or a weird `wrapping_mul()` that
shows up as never executed even though it is.
Fix bug where Rand64::rand_range always starts from 0.

Also adds a unit test for it, and changes the const's used in
a couple unit tests just to mix things up a bit.

Should resolve issue #3.
Fix README example to actually compile.

Someone sent an email with a patch to, but I can't bloody even
find the mailing list now, which is beyond irksome.

Whoever you are, mysterious benefactor, thanks.
Add status badge
ok I need to name it the right thing
Fix builds.yml
test builds.yml
Update project page.
Release version 11.1.0 with minor doc fixes.

And remembering how semver works when you're post-1.0.0.