Fucking hell if my fucking job's software wasn't broken by default it would be easier to tell what was causing it to be broken in some cases.
Oh adding the build files for tfex would be good
Playin' with Matrex
Update tools with 2024 assumptions
Starting kalman filter cleanup
Better kalman filter simulation
Oh hey I think the kalman filter works.

Goes a little crazy 'cause the measurements are bogus though.
Ok let's just do a Kalman filter for velocity or such

Then generalize it later.
We now have a PID controller, huzzah!
EDoc isn't the worst!  Huzzah.
Refactor time server to use ETS

Works pretty okay!
trying to remember where I left off
Play with PX4 a little.

It's probably the Right Choice for flight control right now.
Add pretty_env_logger

And rayon; it has a threadpool, and we'll for sure want it for
other things sooner or later.
refactor out common stuff
fix timing bugs
Mocking out more sensor functionality.

Writing this like a game loop actually works okay so far,
if only because I know how to do it real well.