Starting kalman filter cleanup
Better kalman filter simulation
Oh hey I think the kalman filter works.

Goes a little crazy 'cause the measurements are bogus though.
Ok let's just do a Kalman filter for velocity or such

Then generalize it later.
We now have a PID controller, huzzah!
EDoc isn't the worst!  Huzzah.
Refactor time server to use ETS

Works pretty okay!
trying to remember where I left off
Play with PX4 a little.

It's probably the Right Choice for flight control right now.
Add pretty_env_logger

And rayon; it has a threadpool, and we'll for sure want it for
other things sooner or later.
refactor out common stuff
fix timing bugs
Mocking out more sensor functionality.

Writing this like a game loop actually works okay so far,
if only because I know how to do it real well.
We now have a basic time server.

Harder than it looks.  Fuck you, time.
fix typo in module name
Turn localization module into a gen_server.

Actually works pretty well.