An attempt at fiddling together a distributed infrastructure similar to ROS
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#What is this

...For sheep are stupid, and have to be driven. But goats are intelligent, and need to be led.

-- Terry Pratchett

ROS is basically a distributed actor system. This code is just me playing with making something like that in Rust Erlang. Though ROS is a library, a set of tools, all sorts of stuff, and right now I'm just messing with a program.


  • Able to fly a drone around in some kind of simulation (Gazebo?)
  • Integrate C/C++/Rust numerical code as necessary for heavy lifting
  • Supervisor/monitor structure to automatically restart things that fail
  • Fuzzing that injects failures, crashes nodes, etc.
  • Sequencing and dependencies for startup
  • Ability to easily record and replay message logs, with timing information
  • Basic TF tree


  • Distributed operation on multiple systems at the same time
  • GCS running the erlang shell or such as part of the same cluster
  • General purpose tool for robotics
  • Hard real time - it will give commands to a flight controller in soft real time, but the flight controller does the flying

Maybe goals:

  • Run on an embedded-ish system a la
  • Actually fly a drone around

Possible alternatives:

  • Rust + Bastion crate
  • Alternative name: brobot

#Building & running

Use rebar3:

Install deps:

sudo apt-get install libopenblas-dev liblapacke-dev


  • rebar3 compile

Starting and running repl:

  • rebar3 shell

Repl reference:

Running tests:

  • rebar3 eunit

Buiding docs:

  • rebar3 edoc

Running lints:

  • rebar3 dialyzer


Revised list, assuming this is gonna get redone in Elixir:

  • Build: mix (required for Nerves, which is worth it)
  • Unit tests: exunit or whatever
  • Linting/typing: dialyzer
  • Integration/deployment: Nerves
  • Math: Matrex??? Not Nx sadly
  • UI: Foxglove + Phoenix websockets -- -- It's TCP, but an ok place to start. UDP transport for Foxglove would be interesting, DDS maybe.
  • Data logging: mcap file format
  • Flight control: PX4 + mavlink
  • Logging: Elixir's Logger and Telemetry
  • Geography and geodesy: GDAL?

Things we'll probably have to write ourselves:

  • TF tree
  • Localization (GPS or otherwise)
  • Like everything else
  • Any Rust integration we want with Nerves

Things to think about, on a philosophical level:

  • OpenCV (image processing)
  • PCL (point cloud processing)
  • DDS (distributed messaging)
  • CANBus (let's not borrow trouble though)


#Random notes

Things to figure out:

One big question is what vehicle/flight controller to use. I can try to use a DJI SDK that I have some kind of access too... but DJI is increasingly in the doghouse and that doesn't seem to be changing, so, the only practical alternative seems to be PX4. I guess I should start learning how PX4 works.