Thinkin' about what we need to make modules work
Switch println's for real log statements

I should have done this *ages* ago
Make benchmarks work again

ofc output is so spammy it's basically worthless still.
We need to use log!() or something.
93b6f311e3b1 — Simon Heath 11 days ago
Minor updates
more ci debugging ofc
Can we make CI work via rustup?
Update build image
Ah, TFW the typechecker catches bugs in your test programs.

...but sucks at telling you where it is so you go on a tangent
to try to fix it.
"Improve" error reporting for typechecking.
Workin' on generic sum types.
Make module tests fail for generally better reasons
We might need a special case "constfn" or such for modules that we can generate code that rustc is ok evaluating
for const's.

That's rather irritating, but it can be a temporary hack.
Ayyyyyy basic sum types work now
Ok sum types are still cursed
Oh enums were easy
Ooooookay naming types seems a little bit of a lost cause
Apparently is deprecated!  Trying it out.

Don't really hate it tbh.