Excise hardcoded Vec4F

...unit tests need some work
Making variable-length vectors isn't too hard maybe
Refactored function type a little.

On the whole I think this might have been a lateral move,
but oh well.
Passing through, making some notes
Fix some minor clippy lints
literals, some simplification, etc
Noodling around with parser a little.
Update test fragment shader to return a vec4
Define vector4f type.

You can't actually do anything with it at the moment except
construct it, so it's pretty easy!  But hopefully that will
be enough to get a shader actually functioning.
382d3478fd0b — icefox@dreamquest.io 4 years ago
Add location annotations to inputs/outputs.
heckin' backends
Working on an example.

Would be easier if I had vectors!
Entry points work.
Well the compiler command-line program works now!

Just can't, you know, get anything useful as input.
Main program, woohoo!

Doesn't actually do anything yet, natch.
Holy cats I think if statements work!
Girding my loins to do if statements.
Refactor unit tests some.