Make the upload bash script not upload your entire home dir
cadd2da444bf — Simon Heath 3 years ago
Set license to GPLv3.
Working on article metadata and list page.
Noodling a little more on article page generation.
Start noodling around with blog page generation.

Pretty simple in concept, I think.
Version bump deps
Clean up some todo's and buggo's
Add paradoxical gitignore to make rg happier
Update about page to announce open-source-ness.
Fix some BUGGO's and warnings, comment out unused code.
Trying to make a function for creating junction tables.

Inserts are problematic.  The actual query is easy now.

Heckin' Subqueries?  Wouldn't make inserting things easier.
First time actually making a successful abstraction with diesel.

TIL: If you want to make compose-able functions and queries with the
damn thing, there's some box-y helper types that make life SO MUCH
easier.  Also the smallest fragment that diesel handles easily is
a *query*, not a table or such, which isn't what I was tryin to do
but isn't actually so bad.  It lets it make sure that a query is
valid, instead of me having to do it myself.

Playing with postgres instead of diesel.  It is... not a step up so far.
Add option to force tokei analysis if we want.
Fold `cf_extract` into `cf_download`.