Just foxing about.



Experiment with a lightweight systems programming language


An attempt at fiddling together a distributed infrastructure similar to ROS


Attempt at making an instruction reference guide for RISC-V


A toy OS with no virtual memory


A Rust implementation of bidirectional type checking


My game for the Autumn Lisp Game Jam, 2021


Like /dev/urandom but easier to pronounce.


A simple glyph cache library in Rust.


A generational map -- a collection that lets you refer to items by opaque, versioned keys.


Benchmarks for various Rust PNG decoders


A minimalist chat protocol, inspired by Gemini


Noodling around with Wayland server in Rust


An experimental server for the Gemini protocol: https://gemini.circumlunar.space/


An experiment with creating a programming language that compiles to the SPIR-V GPU shading language


Experiments with using winit 0.20 to make a simpler game loop function

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