Just foxing about.



An attempt at fiddling together a distributed infrastructure similar to ROS


Like /dev/urandom but easier to pronounce.


Experiment with a lightweight systems programming language


Vector math benchmarks for Elixir libs


A toy OS with no virtual memory


Autumn Lisp Game Jam game, 2022. In TIC-80!


A compiler from Lua 5.4 bytecode to Webassembly


A cursed Modula 2 compiler


A silly little archive format


Attempt at making an instruction reference guide for RISC-V


A Rust implementation of bidirectional type checking


My game for the Autumn Lisp Game Jam, 2021


A simple glyph cache library in Rust.


A generational map -- a collection that lets you refer to items by opaque, versioned keys.


Benchmarks for various Rust PNG decoders

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