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Optical micrometer

This is a little project that turns a Micro-Epsilon laser displacement sensor into a non-contact micrometer. It can display measurements in inches, millimeters and anglo-american printers' points. An exposed micro-USB connector allows for easy firmware updates as well as potential future features such as data logging and measurement triggering.

This build uses a optoNCDT 1302-20 sensor and a STM32 microcontroller board. Other sensors in the 1302 range can be used provided the measurement range is changed and a new firmware is compiled. Other optoNCDT sensors may be used, such as the optoNCDT1402 range, however the driver will probably need to be adjusted in order to read the additional range.

Given a pre-programmed microcontroller board, the skill level required to complete this project is low to medium: patience, attention to detail, basic soldering of header pins and splicing of wires as well as the ability to use a hot glue gun without getting burned are the primary skills required.

src/ source code for the microcontroller firmware; there is a platform.io build configuration in the root of the project.

doc/ contains a Bill of materials as well as a simplified list of connections with a number of notes I made when putting things together in order to ease future builds cad/ 3d model for the case I used in Fusion 360 format, as well as an STL from the current version.

pcb/ kicad files for the schematic and board layout