Yet another quality of life mod for Minecraft (Forge/Quilt)
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#YAQOL - Yet Another Quality Of Life Mod status Modrinth


This mod is still in alpha, so expect bugs. More features will come with time.


YAQOL (pronounced "yeah, cool") is a QoL mod for Minecraft 1.19, featuring vanilla-style additions that improve the overall experience.


  • Coal/charcoal chunks: a classic QoL feature allowing for optimal use of fuel
  • Bound tools: vanilla style no-anvil-needed repairable tools that serve as a stepping stone between vanilla tool repairs and mending.


#Will you post this on CurseForge?

We have no plans to do this ourselves, and while we ask you to not repost it we can't stop you from doing so.

#Can I Include This in my Modpack?

Sure, just respect the license and give credit if possible.