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   * 64K main RAM
   * 128K video RAM
   * 128K Konami 4/5 ROM
+Development information
+Tile² is free and open source software. If you want to contribute to the
+project you are very welcome to. Please contact me at any one of the places
+mentioned in the project information section.
+You are also free to re-use code for your own projects, provided you abide by
+the license terms.
+Tile² depends on the library project Neonlib; it is recommended to clone the
+project with Mercurial so they will automatically be pulled in at the correct
+version, otherwise you have to download them manually:
+    hg clone
+Building the project is easy on all modern desktop platforms. On MacOS and
+Linux, simply invoke `make` to build the binary and symbol files into the
+`bin` directory:
+    make
+Windows users can open the `Makefile` and build by pasting the line in the
+`node_modules` and `all` targets into the Windows command prompt.
+To launch the build in openMSX after building, invoke the `make run` command.
+Note that the [glass]( assembler which is
+embedded in the project requires [Java 8]( To check
+your Java version, invoke the `java -version` command.
+Additionally, the conversion tools are written in JavaScript for Node.js.
+You need to have Node.js and NPM installed.