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@@ 14,6 14,18 @@ Shows PNG files on MSX.
   * Support: <>
   * License: Simplified BSD License
+It currently supports PNG files which are stored progressively (most of them),
+including those with transparency. Since no scaling is applied to the output, it
+works best with images of size 256x212 or smaller. Beware that because it first
+decompresses the PNG fully before showing it, it can be very memory hungry.
+What remains before making an official release is to:
+  * Support PNG “interlaced” storage mode (to be fully spec compliant)
+  * Reduce memory requirement to 64K
+  * Support screen modes other than screen 8
+  * Scale large images (currently shows top left corner)
 System requirements

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 You are also free to re-use code for your own projects, provided you abide by
 the license terms.
-Building the project with some of your own modifications is really easy on all
-modern desktop platforms. On Mac OS X and Linux, simply invoke `make` to build
-the binary and symbol files into the `bin` directory:
+Building the project is easy on all modern desktop platforms. On MacOS and
+Linux, simply invoke `make` to build the binary and symbol files into the
+`bin` directory: