MSX1 logo animations
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Copyright 2018 Laurens Holst

#Project information

Every MSX generation got a fancier logo animation:

  • MSX2 with the scroll, showcasing vertical scroll and resolution
  • MSX2+ with the slide, showcasing horizontal scroll
  • MSX turboR with the quick fancy slide, showcasing its speed

So the MSX1 logo needs to express “first gen”, and not overshadow the logos of the successors or suggest one of their features. A static logo is too boring, but it should not be much more than that. So I’ve tried to come up with a few simple animations where the logo position remains static, but it appears in some fun ways.

Based on Parn’s logo.

#System requirements

  • MSX1
  • 8kB main RAM
  • 16kB video RAM
  • 16kB ROM