resources: Add Philips SAA1099 application manual.

Used by the SuperSoniqs SoundStar sound expansion.
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@@ 184,11 184,16 @@ information, feel free to send us an ema
       <li><a href="/resources/sound/musical-memory-mapper.pdf">Musical Memory Mapper application manual</a> (<a href="">website</a>)</li>
-    <li id="epsg">Darky EPSG
+    <li id="epsg">SuperSoniqs Darky EPSG
       <li><a href="/resources/sound/microchip_ay8930.pdf">Microchip Technologies AY8930 EPSG application manual</a></li>
+    <li id="soundstar">SuperSoniqs SoundStar
+      <ul>
+      <li><a href="/resources/sound/philips_saa1099.pdf">Philips SAA1099 application manual</a></li>
+      </ul>
+    </li>
     <li id="mp3player">Sunrise MP3 Player
       <li><a href="/resources/sound/mp3player.pdf">Sunrise MP3 Player application manual</a> (<a href="/resources/sound/mp3player.doc">doc</a>)</li>

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