images: Remove no longer used firefox promo images.
tracker: Remove old and unused analytics script.
hgignore: Ignore local todo directory, and also ignore macOS .DS_Store files.
main: Remove directory, move files to root.
planned: Remove list of planned articles.

Woefully outdated, and not referenced.
updates-old: Remove “latest updates” blocks.

I’m not updating them anymore, it’s all in the repository version history.
The update notes are preserved in the updates-old article.
contributing: Remove ASCII art.
scrolling: Indentation, and remove commented-out code.
about: Remove about pages.

Useless information.
Remove Content-Type and Content-Style-Type http-equiv meta tags.

We’re already setting them in the HTTP headers.
contributing: Remove description & keywords meta tags.

We don’t have them anywhere except on the front page.
content: Remove superfluous comments and white space.
css: Remove alternate stylesheets and style sheet selector.

Nobody uses them, and I can’t easily check if everything looks ok.
functions: Remove commented-out code.
css: Remove blockquote XBL binding.

It’s mozilla-only, and I think not even functional anymore.
msx_io_ports: Switched I/O port 8 is not available on FS-A1ST/GT.
articles: Update broken link.

Now nicely points to
8d7c92792e70 — Laurens Holst 2 years ago
vdp_commands_speed: Correct LMMV speed for 212 lines with sprites disabled.

Thanks go to KdL.
07da2d8d5ca6 — Laurens Holst 2 years ago
vdp_detection: Fix screen going black after detecting TMS9918.
b19b2b24b200 — Laurens Holst 2 years ago
msx_io_ports: Document the dire state of Music Module I/O port mirroring.