split_guide: Fix link to split tests.
vdp_tut: Remove unnecessary nops.
yjk: Select screen 10-12 via CHGMOD mode 8 and the YJK/YAE bits in r#25.

Oddly, the MSX2+ / turboR BIOSes do not support screen modes above 8.
Confirmed in the BIOS disassembled source code.
resources: Add link to Arjen Zeilemaker’s disassembled BIOS source files.
resources: Add MSX BIOS The Complete MSX BASIC I/O Listing.

Based on HansO’s scans, parts 1 & 2 combined with rotated pages.
msx_io_ports: Add turbo available bit to Panasonic expanded I/O port.

Based on openMSX information and implementation;

Sanyo MSX2+ machines provide the Panasonic expanded I/O port but do not support
the turbo 5.37 MHz CPU mode. This is indicated by bit 2.
yjk: Remove incorrect and unnecessary id.
vdp_detection: Elaborate a bit more.
z80instr: Clarify that the M1 wait is not specific to the MSX-ENGINE.
z80: Update from manual revision 05 (2005-02) to revision 11 (2016-08).
z80instr: Update script to HTML5.
email: Update script to HTML5.
yjk: Add some images showing the colour bleed and screen 12 artwork.

Gulliver by Teruchan
House by windship, rearranged by FRS
おじいちゃんのほこりっぽい本が好き by 京典, rearranged by FRS
yjk: Add some additional drawing tips thanks to FRS.
yjk: New “The YJK screen modes” article
scripts: Add simple node.js dev server.
functions: Disable XHTML support.

It lacks ES modules support in Chrome.
hgignore: Ignore node_modules and .vscode.
resources: Add Microchip AY8930.
resources: Add table of contents to V9938 application manual pdf.