CLI: Add loop option.
Player: Move setup from driver to PlaySequence.
Player/Track: Add constant for page base.
Player: Simplify PlayBanks arguments and return state.

* Takes a full start address rather than l = 0.
* Takes care of the initial outi and b / hl correction itself.
* Uses carry to flag abort and does not return with alternate registers.
Driver: Add missing PROC.
README: Note that a real YM2413 is needed.

At least until emulations improve.
Added tag release-1.0 for changeset 4a49c1ecc35b
README: Lowercase system requirements heading.
Makefile: Add dist target.
README: Use list in project information.
README: Add project information.
Application: Output playback settings.
CLI: Add option to play unsigned PCM.
CLI: Add option to play at half frequency (7850 Hz).
CLI: Add option to play on turboR PCM rather than MSX-MUSIC.
CLI: Add option to disable visualisation.
Player: Also support ending playback with the joystick.
Player: Extract PlaySample method.

The extra cost of the call is offset by only checking ESC on the odd samples.