Reverted class "constants" to uppercase
Another improvement to readability… probably
Changed class variables to lowercase; added offset argument to all read() functions to make less complex; moved to
Converted ignore file to Mercurial
Minor tweaks to turn generator
Can generate valid empty TRN file (with no commands)
Can read general data (with player & turn number, etc)
Can read ship coordinates (ShipXY)
Can read enemy contact data (targets), minor tweaks, unicode support
Can now read messages in RST files
Prefixed "private" functions with underscore to indicate they shouldn't be called directly
Removed LEECH and UFO sections, as I'm not sure if I'll implement them
Rewrote to use functions, not a singleton static class contraption
Added Planet player data class
Start with ResultFile class; added Ship player data class
Started work on player data classes, simplified field dictionaries
Minor tweaks & added FILENAME constant for each class
Further improved and simplified class definitions
Added classes for Hulls, Engines and Torpedoes
Further optimizations & refactoring of PlanetsData class