Added tag v0.3.0 for changeset ef2ce0d61f9e
Bumped the minor version, update history.
Dehoeify, update RMagick dep, test under Ruby 3, update gem-signing cert.
782e3b51aa91 — Mahlon E. Smith 5 years ago
Added tag v0.2.1 for changeset 1e88b5646392
1e88b5646392 — Mahlon E. Smith v0.2.1 5 years ago
Added signature for changeset 5dada1e86f21
5dada1e86f21 — Mahlon E. Smith 5 years ago
Let Configurabiliy (min 3.1.2) process the default value properly.
Added tag v0.2.0 for changeset 9a5547bcce41
Added signature for changeset 36754e6ded9d
Update for Configurability 3.x.
Added tag v0.1.1 for changeset 55ddff2950ba
Added signature for changeset c3964930bd4f
Allow public release, update history, bump patch version.
Added tag v0.1.0 for changeset a4094d45e915
Added signature for changeset 19ca547fde2d
Update history for initial release.
Add ImageMagick parsing catch.  Only load the first frame/page/whatever into memory to generate a thumbnail.
Fix the version calculation in the gemspec task.
Fix up the README, Rakefile.