Adding release checksum.
Added tag v0.8.0 for changeset 9b28c599413a
Bump the minor version, update history.
Add my signing key.
Fix up the history file
Support frozen string literals
Un-hoeify the project, more 2.7 updates.
7571976f46b4 — Mahlon E. Smith 4 years ago
Fix test for async upload.
60864d37774f — Mahlon E. Smith 6 years ago
Added tag v0.7.0 for changeset c8bfee4b3f80
15b877ef492e — Mahlon E. Smith 6 years ago
Explicitly set the HTTP status when returning resources.
bf37a1852e61 — Mahlon E. Smith 6 years ago
Add Last-Modified/If-None-Match support.

This allows caching to still take place even if not using the checksum plugin.
Update build files, bump Strelka dependency
Move the configure() method to help support deferred configuration.  Fix tests for CZTop.
fd014c3361f2 — Mahlon E. Smith 7 years ago
Added tag v0.6.0 for changeset dfcb639cbbe7
dfcb639cbbe7 — Mahlon E. Smith v0.6.0 7 years ago
Added signature for changeset 2bc8257c7537
Bump Configurability dependency, migrate away from .rvmrc.
Added tag v0.5.1 for changeset 7494de0ded2d
Added signature for changeset 23c489bc9618