Adding release checksum.
Added tag v0.19.1 for changeset 7eda97d0b64b
Bump the patch version, update history
Bump the dependency on rake-deveiate
Adding release checksum.
Added tag v0.19.0 for changeset 09ff04ea5e77
Use a version of rake-deveiate that supports multiple certs
Fix the name of the certs directory
Bump the minor version, update history
Update my gem-signing cert
Remove untainting in preparation for Ruby 3.
Bump the ruby version to 2.7
Unhoeify and update

- Remove hoe and use rake tasks
- Remove some old documentation stuff
- Update license dates
- Remove Bitbucket and set URLs to Sourcehut
Default devmode to false, requiring it to be explicitly enabled.

Additionally, leave devmode behavior(s) separated from $DEBUG output.
Separate reaping from signal sending.
Add 'isolate' to the gems file.
Added signature for changeset de43e66c2be4
Added tag v0.18.0 for changeset 6f3a08484767