e5c80f5dbb2f — Mahlon E. Smith default tip 2 years ago
Adding release checksum.
cfba1a2d9319 — Mahlon E. Smith 2 years ago
Signing v1.3.0
da3dff1dd54c — Mahlon E. Smith 2 years ago
Added tag v1.3.0 for changeset 323a85ae9a8c
323a85ae9a8c — Mahlon E. Smith v1.3.0 2 years ago
Unhoeify, update to v1.3.0.
a5f164df031f — Mahlon E. Smith 2 years ago
Merge divergent branching.
1e92311705c7 — Mahlon E. Smith 2 years ago
Remove taint/untaint references for Ruby 2.7.
91e46b7b062f — Mahlon E. Smith 2 years ago
Use safe_yaml for parsing config tag arguments.
Added tag v1.2.0 for changeset 6dab31596770
Added signature for changeset 3fbb37bcd47c
Bump the minor version, update history
Make the gemspec task build prerelease gems
Add frozen string literal support
Allow the timedelta tag to accept hash arguments and make 'decorators' optional.
Added tag v1.1.1 for changeset 745a9b94aa25
Added signature for changeset 83231fd98787
Bump the patch version, update history.
Work around weird Bundler rdoc issues
Add rspec-wait to the development deps.
Yield subarrays in `each` tags when there's only one block argument.

Fixes #3.
Added a spec for issue #3