Portland, OR


Ruby hacker, faerie friend, cognitive artifact collector, and sender of signal 9.


Rake tasks for devEiate gems


An(other) alternative generator for RDoc


An inversion of control templating system for Ruby


Facade-based presenter toolkit with minimal assumptions.


A Ruby toolkit for creating plugins


A Ruby implementation of the Reactor pattern on top of ZeroMQ sockets


A toolkit for building testing objects with a fluent interface.


A library that lets Ruby talk to ANT wireless devices via a Garmin USB ANT stick


A pushdown automaton toolkit for Ruby.


FIvefish formatter for RDoc


A Ruby (MRI) binding for the Zyre P2P networking library


Small-parts CI/CD for everyone


An experimental model toolkit for web applications


A basic mp3-processor plugin for the Thingfish digital asset manager


A basic image-processor plugin for the Thingfish digital asset manager

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