Portland, OR


Ruby hacker, faerie friend, cognitive artifact collector, and sender of signal 9.


Facade-based presenter toolkit with minimal assumptions.


Rake tasks for devEiate gems


A Ruby (MRI) binding for the Zyre P2P networking library


A Ruby toolkit for creating plugins


a Ruby interface to WordNet®


An Entity/Component System framework for Ruby inspired by Artemis.


A toolkit for building testing objects with a fluent interface.


A web interface for an Assemblage server


A pushdown automaton toolkit for Kotlin


An(other) alternative generator for RDoc


An inversion of control templating system for Ruby


A Ruby implementation of the Reactor pattern on top of ZeroMQ sockets


A library that lets Ruby talk to ANT wireless devices via a Garmin USB ANT stick


A pushdown automaton toolkit for Ruby.


FIvefish formatter for RDoc

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