System information for pedants
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System Information for Pedants

Syskit provides a uniform API to system details across all platforms.
It is a tough task to walk the fine line between a usable
platform-neutral API while still accurately providing platform
specific details, but syskit tries.

Initially syskit is targeting process information.

Documentation: xxx



CI: xxx

Supported Python versions: 2.7, 3.4, PyPy, PyPy3


Syskit is built using CFFI_ so when installing from source on CPython
a working CFFI installation and compiler toolchain is required.  The
normal ``distutil`` commands are used to build and install.

.. _CFFI:


Tests are run using `py.test <>`_ but a ``py.test``
script is bundled which can be used to run the tests.  Because of the
nature of syskit there are some tests which will only work when having
root permissions, so those will be skipped if adequate permissions are
not available.  If you are trusting enough the full test suite should
ideally be run once as a normal user and once as root.


Syskit is covered by the MIT license, see the LICENSE and AUTHORS
files for details.