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+Welcome to Scopes
+Scopes is a retargetable programming language & infrastructure.
+See [Tags](/~duangle/scopes/tags) for releases.
+* A performant systems programming language that feels like a scripting language.
+* Aims to combine the **expressivity** of Scheme with the **convenience** of Python, Lua or Javascript and the **performance** of C.
+* Compile-time **resource management** using view propagation, an annotation-free variation of **borrow checking**.
+* A single codebase targets native 64-bit **Linux**, **Windows** and **macOS** as well as **SPIR-V** and **GLSL** shaders. Your math functions run on CPU and GPU without modification.
+* **Fully interoperable** with C libraries. Import and use C include files directly.
+* Support for **live code execution** as well as **offline compilation** of object files.
+* **Statically typed** but **fully inferred** type system via forward propagation. Supports **closures** as zero-cost abstraction.
+* **Open Source** [MIT licensed](http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT).
+* Built with [LLVM](http://llvm.org/) and [clang](http://llvm.org/) for **multi-stage programming** features and **overhead-free** interoperability with C libraries.
+See [Documentation](http://scopes.readthedocs.io/en/latest/) for more information.
+Editor Support
+* [Visual Studio Code](https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=duangle.scopes#overview)
+* [Vim](https://github.com/radgeRayden/vim-scopes)
+* [Emacs](https://github.com/radgeRayden/emacs-scopes-mode)
+Help & Support
+For questions, you can [write a mail](mailto:support@duangle.com) or join the #scopes IRC channel on [Freenode](https://freenode.net/). Our bugtracker is presently offline.