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#What is this

In this project I test all kinds of things related to libGDX. Here you'll find

  • libGDX demos
  • bugfix tests
  • libgdx-utils tests
  • various Demos
  • me messing around
  • bugs and ugly code

Please note that I really just smacked most of the code in this repository in place somehow, not caring much about good coding practices, performance or anything that you really should do in actual projects. It's just my playground and I didn't clean up.

#How to run the tests

Since some people said they used the tests in this project for reference and to learn from them, I thought I'd provide quick instructions on how to run the tests on your machine.


hg clone
cd somelibgdxtests

# to generate a jar and run it
./gradlew :desktop:dist # on windows: gradlew.bat :desktop:dist
java -jar desktop/build/libs/desktop-1.0.jar

# to simply run
./gradlew :desktop:run # on windows: gradlew.bat :desktop:run

To run from eclipse, make sure the working directory of the desktop launch configuration is set to the android project's asset directory. You can configure it this way:

  • click "Run" in the title bar
  • "Run Configurations..."
  • choose the DesktopLauncher configuration in the sidebar (if it doesn't exist, press F11 (debug) or Ctrl + F11 (run) in the DesktopLauncher class, let it crash and come back)
  • click the "Arguments" tab
  • under "Working directory:" choose "Other:"
  • click "Workspace..." and choose SomeLibgdxTests-android/assets/
  • click "Apply"


I don't guarantee that any projects except the core and desktop projects will build. I only test on desktop.