add ArrayUtils#regionEquals(..)
update libGDX to 1.9.6
JigsawPuzzle: fix drag position under mouse
add nix meta license and homepage
fix ScrollPaneSnapAction calling dirtyIndicator() every update
add back AnnotationAssetManager no-arg constructor
README: remove build status badge went offline, replace with link to

also remove section about versioning because it's equivalent to semver
fix hydra build products
add maintainer
add release.nix
add default.nix
increase version to 0.13.5-SNAPSHOT
Added tag 0.13.4 for changeset d086ce2f37f2
increase version to 0.13.4
upgrade to libGDX 1.9.5

fix #18
had to adapt AnimatedSprite to new Animation syntax, see or
rename AnnotationAssetManager.Asset.params() to param()
add AnnotationAssetManager super constructors
fix values reported to ScrollPaneSnapAction.Indicator.indicate()

page should have never been equal to pages
page was 1 too great most of the time