/about: add contributions to swaylock-fancy
/about: grammar
/about: add home-manager PR 1185
remove not needed diffutils from shell.nix
add workaround style for https://github.com/asciidoctor/asciidoctor/issues/1087
add css for Asciidoc :sectanchors: to work
/posts/zig-with-c-web-servers: convert to Asciidoc
list more FOSS work
github-issue: escape HTML
githubApi: lowercase status
switch to GitHub API v4 (REST -> GraphQL)
ability to update web fetched content
fetch GitHub issues with authentication
/about: fixup path for some web server configs
/about: list FOSS work
add shell.nix with fix for `styx live`
/posts/zig-with-c-web-servers: correct mistake
/posts/zig-with-c-web-servers: one page

Apparently visitors bailed because they did not understand there were multiple pages.