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SeaweedFS NixOS module


Strictly compliant ISO 8601 parser.


A small Zig library for embedding directory trees with @embedFile. ISSUE TRACKER: https://todo.sr.ht/~dermetfan/embed-dir


support library for games powered by libGDX


Dynamically loaded plugins in Rust.


Conway's Game of Life in Rust using ncurses.


Git and Mercurial plugin for the Micro text editor.


Multiplayer library for the libGDX Box2D extension using KryoNet


YouTube tutorial series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXY8okVWvwZ2dgXK16SjzDyHgqIDtXWCB


Jigsaw puzzle game prototype using libgdx-utils.


Made back in 2013/2014 for school's IT course.


You're a jellyfish and need to eat fish to grow your tentacles. Made for Christmas 2013.


Rust Terminal Text Editor (unusable)

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