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@@ 32,7 32,7 @@ command-line arguments ``--fingerprints`
 ### • How to get `chembl_28.fpb`:
 To get <q>chembl_28.fpb</q>, download
-[chembl_28.fpb.gz](/datasets/chembl28.fpb.gz) and uncompress it.  Here
+[chembl_28.fpb.gz]( and uncompress it.  Here
 is one way to do it:
 <pre style="margin-left: 2em"><code>wget

@@ 40,7 40,7 @@ gunzip chembl_28.fpb.gz
 The FPB file contains the
-[ChEMBL 28 fingerprints](,
+[ChEMBL 28 fingerprints](,
 converted into FPB format, an [authorization key](/datasets/) that
 enables chemfp's Tanimoto search for that data set, and the license
 and other legal details for redistributing ChEMBL data.