added note about lack of notebook progress bars
p2 might not be useful
Added tag chemfp-4.0p2 for changeset 606c49695367
Added tag chemfp-4.0 for changeset cfd90a980f2c
kinda need this, eh?
that's not supposed to be there
trying to get what's new to work
Added tag chemfp-4.0p1 for changeset 27f0627bff5a
giving up for now on prettyspecialmethods
resync to try and fix a rtd issue
looks like the wrong place to specify python version
simple change to try to get a branch
also need this config file
I think these are needed to build on the rtd servers
Added tag chemfp-4.0 for changeset 10e470db00c8
synch with mainline chemfp 4.0 documentation