Super Star Trek 2K
175509f605ad — Eric S. Raymond default tip 8 years ago
Make sort() use key= rather than cmp. All regression tests pass.
22cddcf8e920 — Eric S. Raymond 8 years ago
Another step in Python 3 translation.
357409031e3f — Eric S. Raymond 8 years ago
Testfile typo fix.


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			README for Super Star Trek 2K

Save the Federation from the invading Klingons!  Visit exotic planets and
strip-mine them for dilithium!  Encounter mysterious space thingies!
This is the classic Super Star Trek game from the days of slow teletypes, 

The game logs user input to /tmp/sst-input.log. If you trip over a bug,
please report it to the maintainers with the log enclosed - that enables
us to reproduce it and rapidly fix the bug.

If you enjoy this, check out other ancient games in the Retrocomputing Museum 
at <>.

      	     	     	   	   		      Eric S. Raymond
						      November 2004