Pathum Thani, Thailand


Full time Pythonista!


Source code template to create a django project to be deployed on the Google App Engine. This template was created from the instruction on this page: http://www.allbuttonspressed.com/projects/djangoappengine


via http://code.google.com/p/moonblink


Mercurial Local Branch


Graylog Deployment on Kubernetes


Python Tutorial


Generate iptables blacklist or allowlist from APNIC (by country)


Telegraf Deployment for Kubernetes


Firebird 3 Docker Image


Spacewalk on Docker


Simple Stupid MacBook Fan Control for Linux


Syslog Daemon written in Python with MySQL backend


Alpine Linux with /bin/bash as a default shell for root


Deep Learning Docker based on Intel Image


Taksa Numerology Naming


Run Command on All Nodes in Cluster

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