41fdcebf01af — Chris Cannam wmx tip 2 years ago
Fix some compiler warnings
a6344b652f84 — Chris Cannam 7 years ago
Added tag wmx-8 for changeset 534a19da28a3
534a19da28a3 — Chris Cannam wmx-8 7 years ago
Typo fix
847e9988c8a3 — Chris Cannam 8 years ago
Support the notify window type
1daa55d2fd2d — Chris Cannam 8 years ago
Fix another warning
d5610dbe199c — Chris Cannam 8 years ago
Fix some compiler warnings
6e52aa293ca2 — Chris Cannam 8 years ago
README updates (including clock!)
e599fef17624 — Chris Cannam 8 years ago
Fix operator precedence problem reported by dcb314. The first definition of STRLEN_MITEMS lacked outer parentheses, so was bound in an unexpected way when used in an arithmetic expression.
Avoid setting revert to oneself, causing crashes when reverting following window close in click-focus
Add fontconfig, update configure
Add an explicit XLowerWindow
Add an optional clock!
* .desktop file
* I'm a total idiot -- the last change moved this block of code, but
  it was still in the wrong place (before screens had been counted)
* patch from Richard Zidlicky for old freetype libraries
* Duh -- last-minute change to the location of that last edit stopped it
  from working... fixed now.
* Revert an unintended commit.
* Enable composite redirects for all top-level windows, if the
  composite extension is detected and CONFIG_USE_COMPOSITE is set.
  This tiny change makes wmx enormously faster on certain modern
  video cards (most noticeably the ATI card I'm using at the moment,
  which is appallingly bad at normal accelerated window operations).
  It will probably make things slower on other systems, so may need
  more testing.
* Update README and UPDATES file
* Make the configure actually do something if a requirement is not
* Remove some obsolete doc bits
* Oops